ABS MASTER SMITH Quillion Dagger

11 1/2" Overall Length, 8" Blade, 300 layer ladder pattern damascus, twisted silver inlays in fluted Ebony handle.  

guard: 7" ladder Pattern w/knuckle guard w/trinity ends,

3 ring trinity pommel.


  • 1993 Knife Expo  (Pasadena, Ca):

            - Best Amateur Knifemaker

  • 2009 Knife Expo  (Pasadena, ca):

         - Presidents Award

  • 2011 Knife Expo  (Pasadena, ca):

          - Best Fixed Blade

  • 2012 Knife Expo  (Pasadena, ca): 

         - Best Damascus Knife

            - Best Bowie

            - Best Hand Forged

  • 2013 Knife Expo  (Pasadena, ca):

          - Best Damascus Knife

  • 2013 ABS Knife Exposition

             - Best Damascus      (San Antonio, Tx)      

  • 2014 Knife Expo    (Pasadena, ca):
         - Best Damascus Knife

            - Best Bowie

  • 2016 Knife Expo (Pasadena, ca):

            - Best in SHOW

  • ​ 2019 SPRING KNIFE SHOW(BREA, ca):

            - Best Damascus

               -  Best Bowie/Fighter

  • ​2019 OKCA Knife SHOW (Eugene, OR):

​​              -  Best Hand-Forged Knife

  • 2019 IKA Knife Show (Boise, ID)

                -  Best Bowie Knife

  • 2020 California Knifemaker's Association Show(Brea, ca)

                -  Best Damascus Knife

             -  Best Bowie Knife

  • ​american Bladesmith society - master smith designation:

       April 11, 2021

american Bladesmith society

master smith designationApril 11, 2021

About the Maker 

Steven C. Koster is a Master BladeSmith (M.S.) with the American Bladesmith Society (ABS) and is a past Board member of the California Knifemakers Association.  

When living in CA, he was show Chairman for the annual

California Knifemakers Association show in Brea, CA.   


He is a retired Commercial Electrician who worked in Southern CA for 30 years,

and now lives in his hometown of Sandpoint, Idaho with his wife Liz.  

Together they have two adult children, Douglas and Natalie.  


Born in northern California, Steve grew up in Sandpoint, Idaho where he spent almost

all of his time outdoors; fishing, hunting, camping, trapping, and climbing.  

He was rarely without a spinning rod or a 22/410 in the summer and a 30/30 or 12-gauge

with him each fall.   He always had a hand axe, a pocket knife and matches - 

a version of these last three are essential if you go into the woods.

Steve's work can be seen at several shows throughout the year including;

The Blade Show in Atlanta, GA in June, The California Knife Expo in Brea, Ca in August

and The Blade Show West in Long Beach, CA, in October.

Koster Hand-Forged Knives

Steven C. Koster - Maker

American Bladesmith Society, Master BladeSmith