Forged In Fire - Season 6, Episode 7 Winner!  The Javanese Kris

What an Incredible Experience Competing in the 1st & 2nd challenge, making it to the Finale, then Forging & Finishing this blade in 45 Hours!

Shout out to my fellow competitors; Jon Medlin, Joe Nipper & Brad Richardson. They are great Guys and I'm proud to call them Friends!  

My Javanese Kris is a Forged Damascus Blade, 1080/15N20 steel, 25 Layers all forged to shape, Heat treated and tempered at 450 degrees.  The handle is stabilized Koa wood, with a Sterling Silver Collar and 6 Inlaid Garnet Stones.  The Javanese Kris has subtle hidden meanings in the blade and handle.  The shape of the blade represents a snake, at the base near the guard is a forged elephant trunk, which gives the blade strength.  On the spine of the blade near the guard are the claws of a Tiger.  The handle is striped KOA wood, symbolizing the stripes on the Javanese Tiger.  The six Garnets inlaid in the silver collar signify good health and well being for the holder of the knife.  

Thanks Forged In Fire for the Opportunity to demonstrate my Skills!   April 2019

Koster Hand-Forged Knives

Steven C. Koster - Maker

American Bladesmith Society, Master BladeSmith