Koster Hand-Forged Knives

Steven C. Koster - Maker

American Bladesmith Society, Master BladeSmith

American Bladesmith Society, Master Bladesmith   -  April 2021

ALL MASTERSMITH KNIVES BELOW ARE AVAILABLE In the "available Items" Section.  They will also be

available at the California Knife Expo, August 14th and at Blade Show West, October 8-9th!

A  variety of styles are available, such as; 

Bowie Knives, Daggers, Hunters, Skinners,

Drop Points, Camp Knives, Kitchen Knives, Walking Sticks and Axes.

Forging allows a Bladesmith the freedom to create the knife both he and the customer want.   I like to forge Damascus and traditional patterns, such as; Bowie Knives, Daggers, Hunters, Skinners, Drop Points, Camp Knives and Axes.

Knifemaking Perspective

Steven C. Koster is a Master Bladesmith with the American Bladesmith Society (ABS) and a former Board member of the California Knifemakers Association.   He has also been Show Chairman for the Annual California Knifemakers Show in Brea, CA.

Forged In Fire - Season 6, Episode 7 Winner!  The Javanese Kris   -  April 2019

If you have questions,

please contact

Steven Koster at his Email Address:  KosterKnives@Verizon.net